My screen crashes with "runtime error" and no error messages, please help

here’s the code:



part of database:

If you are checking in companion, check with setp by step to spot the error

I can’t connect to companion

It gets stuck on

Due to weak network… check your network status, me to suffering a lot with jio network right now

then make logging with “file”
so you will append: “\n [status]” every block run

Complile as apk, install and use logcat to see what causes the crash

I think this is the error, but I’m not really sure how to fix it
I found this thread on stackoverflow which may be relevant:

log generated by adb logcat | grep quizzo > log.txt (quizzo is my app name)
log.txt (268.7 KB)

I fixed my bug (my dictionary had the wrong values), but I’m still not sure how this error occoured

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