My stream radio stream doesn't work

This is my block there is no error in stream url but i can’t stream radio can anyone help me?

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You have to set source before Start.

I made the change. But it still doesn’t work.

As the server has small cuts you have to use these blocks:

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Which audio format (mp3, ogg, m4a, wav, …)?

Btw, the stream / sound will stop on some devices after some time when the app is running in the background. Search the community for radio app, streaming, …). You (the app) need a Foreground service to fix this issue.

If you test the url you will see that the audio is cut and then continues. That’s why if you use the blocks I put in when a cut is detected, put play again.

And it’s true what @bodymindpower says, in some devices after a while the audio stops.