My youtube channel copy to kodular?

I have 500 videos on my youtube channel. I want to move them all to kodular permanently

1-Is there a quick add-on tool with an interface?
2- Is there a quick way to copy my videos?
3- Is embedding used technically?
4-Can I find an aia file to start because I don’t know at all please

Thank You

Please clarify a bit. Do you want to host your videos on your own server?

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making use of the API

I really don’t know, I haven’t decided that. can you help me should i host it on my server?

I have poems on my channel and people will read the poems in their own voice and save it on their phone, that’s all.

I don’t know how to go about it and without the aia file I will not be successful. :frowning: I don’t even know how to use the API.

Somewhere in the corner I want a red save button when playing youtube video.

Can you please elaborate? As you’ve videos, so they will listen to your videos, not read right?

It will be better to learn technical stuffs first, you’re asking for ready made solution (aia)

Personally I would suggest to let them be there on youtube but make all of them unlisted (if possible)

Now create an app with youtube player and an online database having all the video links or you can add those links in your app as well (as you wish)

In case of any difficulty, you can search/ask here on community

can i find aia for a start?

This is a high end video player you can use for your app.

And, for YouTube API guidance, refer to the video below.

That’s all I can help you with, for now.

I downloaded aia located there but it gives an error. one person who was there said he couldn’t do it. I really couldn’t see a part to enter api. and what greets me is just the search button. I wanted people to come out with my videos, not search.

I don’t know English, sorry if I’m writing something wrong. but if i find a starting aia i can continue i don’t know if it’s impossible.

This video represents how you can show your YouTube channel videos in android app. I’m sorry but you seem to be a newbie in this segment.

I suggest you please watch the whole video first and then try to copy the whole procedure from scratch. If you’re one with no knowledge (absolutely zero knowledge) of Android development, trying to use an aia could be a nightmare for you (As this video is not for beginners! You’ve to have at least intermediate lavel of knowledge to use API)!

Any way, the simplest way is to watch the video and copy it from scratch. Try it. :smile:

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I will still wait. maybe someone will share an aia file with 1 video and 1 screen with zero attachments and I will enter my api code and continue.

Spoon feeding will take you no where. Try it yourself. Just a genuine advice!

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That’s up to you! Best wishes. :+1:t2:

Yes, that’s a good idea but it would be great if you are ready to entitle them with a reward! So, are you?

of course :slight_smile:

I can do it for you, how much are you willing to donate?