MySQL connection failing

Hi all!

I’m trying to use PuraVida MYSQL EXTENSION in my app to send data automatically to a DB that I have in AWS
While everything is working well when I use a cheap hosting solution like 000Hosting, when I input the credentials of my AWS DB in the PHP file I keep getting a 111 ERROR “CONNECTION REFUSED”

See attached screenshot

I’ve checked that:

  • PHP file is publicly accessible and credentials of the DB are good
  • AWS DB is publicly available as well and every possible IP or port has been whitelisted

Can anyone please help? :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2:

Hi @maks,welcome to the community!
Can you please send us you php code?We can’t help you without :slightly_smiling_face:

He has already explained, is using Taifun’s PHP script.
This host 000web It is Very bad.
Look 000webhost problems.

Actually sometimes, you add special characters in the mysql credentials. .I’ve experienced this before with 000webhost.But i get it working at the end
At least can you tell us do you have any special characters in your credentials?

In short: don’t waste time with 000webhost

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It is not extension.

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I don’t have special characters in the credentials
I’ll try to use Hostinger to host the PHP file

Alternatively could i use Hostinger to host the SQL DB as well? have you both seen successful cases?
Just wondering if the issue is really with the PHP file, or maybe with AWS not allowing the connection to the db

I use hostinger. Can use 100% guaranteed.

This script has already been tested and it works.
As I said, this 000webhost presents problems that were not supposed to exist.

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Thanks for the tip!
Would you be able to help setup Hostinger with me? If yes we can discuss this somewhere else in details

Yes, i can

I’ve sent you an email, let’s connect

Stop using free webhosts. They are free for a reason. You can get paid a wehost for as little as $2 or even cheaper

@ 72erdelyi yes we have moved everything to Hostinger since AWS was not working
I’m now managing to send data from the Kodular app to Hostinger MySQL DB but there’s still some issues with the data structure and consistency

Let me know if any of you want to help us resolve this

Please define: problems with structure and consistency.

I would feel more comfortable sharing more in private

Basically we ask the user to upload data which is send to a mysql db ; but randomly some of this data is not sent to the db and we are not able to replicate the issue and find the cause with certainty

Upload ? Would it be to do an Insert Into SQL conmand?

No basically we ask the users to grant permissions to retrieve some data on his device
We then send this data to the SQL DB

Send to be inserted in the database? So it’s Inserting Into Table … And sometimes it inserts and sometimes it doesn’t?
Have you revised your logic in Kodular blocks?