Mysql Data Inserting

There is error message when submitting details. I have set “User Created” notification in php If submission is successful in mysql.

You should post all blocks related to MySql but it does not seems to be complete.

Php file

I think you have not read it correctly.

What remaining?

I asked for blocks not for your configuration files.
And what happens if you use default php file?

I have posted all blocks above. No more…

I saw that you are using GET method while ‘generic’ method is POST.
Any special reason for that?

One of developer have tested my aia. Its works in his phone.

Maybe internet problem.
And I think you are trying to use website features in your app.

That means. Can i send apk

MysqlSignUp (9).apk (5.0 MB) Test it please

It worked for me:

Then what is the problem. I trying since morning

Strange behavior: it works and it didn’t work. Try to debug the PHP script. Comment your GET´s. Give random values ​​to the variables $ name, $ phone, $ password and $ email. Insert a print_r (here you include a function that returns the result of mysqli_query); then insert a die (); Go in your browser and run www.your your script.php and see what happens.

It works well in sometimes. But fails in some time

Another tip: exchange the GET´s for PUT´S
Try to do what I told you to see what error is returning in mysqli_query.

Can you create it for me please. I am newbie

I don’t think it’s right for me to do it for you. Hit and miss: they are part of learning.
I hinted at what to do. Now the interest in learning and growing has to come from you.

If i use taifun method for inserting data?