Mysql Data Not Storing

Not geting values in mysql from my app. Check it please

Have you installed the PHP file into your server required by the tutorial?


You have not posted all blocks clearly. Anyway, It should be showing an error. What the error was?

Your insert query is wrong you didn’t mention table names

There not geting “Registration Successful” Notification. And not storing data in mysql database

Can you Show me example. If my table name is “Users”

It should be like this beacuse mentioning column name is good practice
INSERT INTO Users (‘column1’,‘column2’) VALUES (‘Value1’,‘Value2’)

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Can you show full URL inside your URL Variable?

These are applicable when we’ve 10 (i.e) columns in our table & we want to store data inside 5 (i.e)

Also check password in php file and recheck table and columns name and there field types

Ya i know that but mentioning is good if want to update anything in feature don’t want to open mysql database to see column names and also for other queries

Mentioning them could be a good practice, but not necessary. And that’s the point is! Why it is not working even after all are set (as of @4netsolutions1).

Maybe this as i mentioned

I have doubt on the URL variable. I guess he does not specify PHP path correctly.

I did all steps mentioned here. But not fixed yet

I already mentioned , it would not work. As I can see, you’ve joined data correctly. There is nothing wrong on join section (data you are trying to store).

Here is some additional details

Php file

Show your database table.