MySQL Database too much issue

Dear Friend i want share my experience and want to know something more which i think don’t know.
So i have using mysql database since 6 month now with help of App Inventor Mysql tutorial .
So i have started with free hosting 000webhost and i successfully implement all thing for my quiz app.

Main Issue - When app make a query sometime (11003 Error -unable to post Url ). so i search kodular community and taifun sir give a suggestion to use screen error block .
But i used this block most of the time 1103 comes then after sometime its work but once the error comes its not recover. So i thought it would free hosting site error so i moved to godaddy hositng plan i bought a domain and brought a hosting plan (Stater linux ) here also i implemented. but the error still comes now if one time this error 11003 comes it will down my site for few hours most of the time . once error 1103 in app and i want open the site which in same database its not opening and funny thing that which phone that app data not respond if i try to connect my site in google chrome its open but in my pc its not so i contact the godaddy customer care they told i have issue with ISP but when i change the network its not work but after few hours its work .and i have notice when i used that block
when screen error show notifier MSG “network error” ! The other app its also effect some app not open why this can not understand. and they always told me that shared hosting can not host app data its shoud have vps hosting .so what to do now i have invested lots of money .

At some point something similar has happened to me and it is due to the timeout when generating the query,. I don’t know how your blocks are structured, but I’ve fixed it using a notifier, the progress bar component can help you the progress dialog block can help you finish the connection and query first.

look Are use Scrren Error Block .I have use screen error block when screen error = 1103 ,Show Notic server fail .but after this data base not response for few hours most of time its take too much time .but sometime it’s show after how you set block when it’s show error 1103 Unable to Post text

That’s exactly what I’m telling you, The notifier and timer components can help you

look i have found some method that. When i start the query i call progress notifier with timer of 10 sec if also make varible for if data get sucess result is ok .if i get the data then dismiss notifier and disabled loading timer .but if data get result is not ok dismiss loading notifier and diabled the timer and show a dialog of time out try again and user have make the qurey again .but in case it will still the the error text of 1103

what kind of query are you sending to the database?
how many records are there in the table/tables?
It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.


I have at least 2k User data in my user data table . if i used my app i have get most of the time 1103 error unable to post text .i have purchase go-daddy hosting plan with only.Really i fed up i put my 6 month in this app make good investment in hosting.

what about contacting the GoDaddy support?
you might want to try another host…
you also can try with a free web host…

It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.


i am also Used 000webhost and their also get 1103 error .is anything for php file i am using app inventor myql.php file.!
blocks (2)|417x500

I have no problems with MySQL. I do this because I do a Select with Inner Join in 4 tables, one with more than 100,000 records and the result is instant in listview. I use www hostinger with br.
Where is your SQL command ? (PHP file )

can you provide a link to that tutorial?

in your screenshot I found 2 update queries… are these the queries you have problems with? are there other queries like select etc? a screenshot of each of the queries might help us to help you…

after looking at your event UserData.GotText it seems to be, you are also sending a select query somewhere (I coudn’t find that select query in your blocks…)… btw. this event could be simplified… DRY - Don’t repeat yourself…

can you provide a link to that php file

this php file i am used .i have problem with Select query .Some time get data but some time its say unable to post error 1103

App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps this the php file. i also used free hosting from 000webhost and now shifted to go dadddy hosting . most of the i face this error 1103 when i do select query

U can use the MySQL extension from deephost for better and easy implementation.

i have used but sometime get data sometime not

Ohhh…Okay, sorry to hear that. U may consider youtube videos on the topic of ‘how to implement MySQL database in kodular’.

you might want to post a screenshot of your SELECT query
as already said unfortunately I was not able to find it in your screenshot

which is based on my tutorial and therefore not really will be “better”…


Hey I got my solution .its issue with my hosting company godaddy they provide me very cheap and disgusting service always server down .now i am switch They provide very good service in good price better speed than go daddy .

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