Mysql extension by Deephost, Error 2501: SSL Connection Could Not Completed

When I test my app in companion it works great but when i test my app in mobile it shows this [Error 2501: SSL Connection Could Not Complete] error.
I don’t know what to do. I activate the SSL certificate on my website also.

Are you using webview?
Maybe help You:

i am using deephost extension

Okay. Get in touch with him. We already talked about our opinion about DeepHost here in the community. There is the script and blocks :
Taifun and Juan.

when my domain was using HTTP I receive the data from MySQL database,
I add HTTPS in my domain/ website not I am not receiving any data from MySQL database.

ya, I replace the MySQL data base link in my app.

Any error messages?

use one of the solution mentioned by @Rogerio_Rios here

thread closed… no Deephost discussions…

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