MyTube App with admin panel ( Beta Version )

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MyTube App:- you can store video, channels, and playlist.
Videos and Images can fletch from youTube api.

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Mytube_1.0.apk (5.0 MB)





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Thanks to

  1. JsonView View Extension
  2. Various grid view extension (paid)

Kodular Team


I might actually use this for my kids. A good way to keep content limited.

Nice job.

Any chance of getting the AIA?


Nice app but is this type of apps are legal because it is just fetching YouTube videos and showing inside itself, I mean is it in favour of YouTube policies???

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i believe the name “Tube” will google make a problem. I used in a app, which is from me, the name “youtuber” for people who are on youtube and thats not allowed ´. the same it is not allowed to use the word Twitter or facebook.
Thats a hidden ad for them and the app will be rejected.

Sorry can’t understand this line

sorry check it now

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Nice but UI looks Ugly and completely out dated :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

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Your answer is very unfriendly, why not write, You have nice features in your app but i think you should work on the design a bit more.
Or a sentence in that way but what you wrote is not a nice answer.

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