N.B. Malware Named Adrozek that hijacks Chrome, Edge, and Firefox!

Just a little information that you can be aware of.

On the Microsoft website


Noticed with thanks!

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Got it thanks @Boban

time to join other browser apps

im not geting it properly

is i like atom bomb?

but i dont get how to see of it is infected or not
i mean
i get it like

not like

the above do i have green on noot red one ?
pls tell

Informative :+1:t2:


soerry i mean
“is it like atom bomb to destroy computer”
dont take it upon u

Yes @Atom_Developer is the “Atom” designer :joy:

Bunch of bogus sites are presented first, by visiting those sites you get even more malware.


fine I don’t have it thanks

wasn’t it einstein or he’s his grand son?

Thanks for informing
Virus virus everywhere :mask:

its not covid
did u got it that’s y u told us?
sometimes I think my laptop behaves odd at times so I declare global emergency.is that also reason?
can it be this

i agree but how can i find whether it is a malware or not