Name and Logo did not change

Something weird happened when i published my app in play store

the 1st time i created the project i named it “Voca” then i decided to change it so saved it as Shonts

i uploaded the app icon to play store and i named the app again in the play store

after accepting it and publishing it in play store, the new name and logo appears, but when i download it

i get makeroid logo and the old name “Voca”

you forgot to update the AppName property in Screen1

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That will be enough ? @Taifun

and what about the logo? when i uploaded to the app , it gives me error to combile

Please also upload your logo from the properties screen. “App Logo.”

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Sorry, the label in properties is called “Icon”.

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If you cannot find the Icon setting in properties first go to your Screen1, then check properties :wink:

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yes , i tried to do it, but it gives me error combile

What do you mean by “Combile”? Do you mean “Compile”?

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Yes, Sorry

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Ok, is it possible for you to send me your blocks, all of your properties and your design layout?

To send your blocks please right click on the blank area in your blocks page, then download blocks screenshot.

To send my your properties please get a screenshot of the area that properties exist (if you’re on a mac please use the tool named “Grab”. For Windows please use “Snipping Tool” (as I remember)).

To send my your design layout please reproduce the steps I described to you for the properties.

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ps: by design layout, I mean the design you created on your designer (Device)

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how would it affect the logo and name issue ? :thinking:

Could you show us what the error is?
Make sure that the icon is .png or .jpg file format and I would recommend that the resolution is no bigger than 96x96.

@TurboProgramming I don’t think blocks are needed as it seems the problem occured after setting the icon.

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I wanted the blocks etc. to confirm that it’s not hapenning because of the the blocks.

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As Conor said, you should use an icon that is .png or .jpg and it should not be bigger than 96x96. But, in all of my apps, I use a PNG icon with a resolution of 512x512 and it works perfectly.

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Yes but apps will load this in memory and it’s waste of memory resources.
96x96 = 36KB
512x512= 1MB



So should I use 96x96? Would it be “low-quality”?

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Great, i will do it
Thank you

but now, i do not need to import the keystore in order to update my app, because i’m changing the same project, right ?

As I know, yes. You don’t need to.