Native Image picker & Activity Starter picker problem

Galaxy S9+
Android 10

When open the gallery for picking image, shows video files also.
This selection cause error in application.
Happen with yours also?

I know the another solutions, like Activity Starter, but in Android 11 (Galaxy S4) this not works also
blocks (41)

blocks (42)

Simply use


Thanks, but i need see and select only image files.

Try this, using FileTools : Some tools to work with files

It’s okay to get the image.
There is a problem with what is shown to the user in the gallery.
In the gallery, videos appear as well.
It’s not just filtering images.
Did you understand?

Maybe there is an issue with sprecific model, have you tested with another phone ?

Is variable, in someone models work, in another not works.
Android 11 (Galaxy S4)
Android 10 (Galaxy S9+)

Try this