Native US name of a game

Hi, I need to know what is the used and correct name of an old german letter - game called Stadt-Land-Fluss.

In the internet I saw “City-Country-River” or “Scategory” and I want to know the common name in the US for this game.

A player determines a letter. All players now search for a city, a country, a river, a name, an animal, a profession with this initial letter and put it on their list. The first one to write all the entries calls Stop, and everyone has to stop. After that it is evaluated.

Thank you


It sounds very very similar to Scattergories:

Edit: I’ve never heard it called anything else.


The game is based on a traditional game known as Tutti Frutti , Jeu du Baccalauréat , Stadt Land Fluss , and many other names.

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Do you mean this game. In Dutch it is called Pim Pam Pet

In German it was Denk Fix


It’s similar to that. You just need a blank sheet and make a list with columns like country, city, river, name, profession, animal. and then someone says a letter and you write down any idea.
e.g. Letter is “N”
Netherlands, Nijmegen, Nils, Neurochirurg, Nijlpaard…

I think Ken gave the answer.

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