Natural disaster(earthquake) any extension or api?

hi can someone give me natural disaster detector api or extension which will tell about nearby earthquake places and some magnitude

i am asking it becoz there is an eathquake up coming lol but it is true if u want i can also create #guides

if u can tell then pls
earthquake in sep-oct this is for india massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake in delhi as far as i know

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i am thinking to make earthquake guide :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :slightly_smiling_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :sweat_smile:

Please be patient. Most of the users here try to respond to questions in their free time, and most importantly when they know an answer to it.


ok waiting

Yes actually there are api available on rapid api or any other sites you should search for it

can u give it in json view page i dont know how to do that

pls can u tell

Place a get request to with the web component to get the data about all earthquakes at that location.(auto detected with IP address)

Replace CLIENT_ID & CLIENT_SECRET with your IDs. You can get it at Pricing - AerisWeather.
Note this is not free.

But to try you can use this URL,mn?&format=json&filter=all&client_id=AcxJ7pqDEeRA8kcDUOTPS&client_secret=srQU1W4bKuWF1E660KRBsAgJMeOFmTY1Vhl3csAM

any other like which will tell natural disaster warning of places in india

what i found

Just replace minneapolis,mn with any longitude, latitude in the url,mn?&format=json&filter=all&client_id=AcxJ7pqDEeRA8kcDUOTPS&client_secret=srQU1W4bKuWF1E660KRBsAgJMeOFmTY1Vhl3csAM

Which format?

longitude,latitude format or the vice versa if the privious format is not working…

pls see this one hope it is helpful to mee?

i cant understand somethings like catalogs,productty[es so pls explain in short for this api

not working

it shows

location was for delhi

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It is clearly visible just read the error you have put lat and long wrong.

invalid location