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NatureGO is a practical application designed to enhance your interaction with nature and the online community. With NatureGO, you can use your phone’s camera to scan flowers, which are then converted into credits that you can use within the app.

The app employs artificial intelligence to facilitate various functions such as NSFW control, allowing users to explore and engage with content safely. You can interact with other users through comments, replies, and by following their profiles. Additionally, the app offers language selection, with Turkish as the default and support for Hindi and English.

NatureGO also includes administrative features for content moderation and user management. You can filter comments and disable them as needed to customize your experience. The app provides instant updates on the main post screen, ensuring you stay informed about the latest content.

Looking ahead, i am planning to introduce inbox and direct messaging features to further enhance user interaction. NatureGO aims to create a user-friendly platform where people can connect, share, and appreciate the beauty of nature.



Post Creation

Main Post Screen

Profile Section

Comments Section

Main Screen

Scan Flowers Screen

Search Section

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Download latest APK here: NatureGO(3.2.24).apk
Or scan this QR code:

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Used Extensions:
Relative View
Dynamic Components
Alpha Dialog
Date Tools

Used In App:
sightengine API



Minor Update(3.2.24)


  • Verification System
  • More Translations


  • Menu Design
  • Removed unnecessary details in some message boxes


  • Bug of not being able to follow more than one user.
  • Errors in content security
  • Firebase Denies


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App is great but UI design can be improved a lot.

Hello, thank you for your comment. Can you give me advice to improve my design? I’m stuck with the design and i can’t make a change.

Here is a perfect guide for you :

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