NavDemo - Location Picker + Navigation Template

i use this

As i wrote: your activity settings are completly wrong: set it up like this:

Tip: „https://„ instead „http://„

but there is error when i export it

What about providing a screenshot of your updated relevant blocks?


like this, and there is not the correct location that i want… please help me

So click „view log“ and post it here. But please first examine it yourself.This will improve your learning curve in debugging and bug hunting!
Your blocks seem to be alright to me.

like this ?
I’ve asked friends, but they are also confused

So next step is that you use the search function for „ Firebase config error“ . There are over 50 hits for this. Study them and maybe you will find an answer that fits for you. If you can‘t find a solution within the next 3 days you may post here again for help.