NavDemo - Location Picker + Navigation Template

A little bit of background: @David during the development of his awesome Manipur Go app asked how to open Google Maps to navigate to a specific location. It seemed like a good challenge, so I jumped right in. :smiley: Once that was done, I implemented a location picker, and that gave rise to NavDemo. This code was adapted by David, and he says others might find this useful, so here I am.


  • Picker:
    • Google Maps-based location picker.
    • Auto-centering on user on initialization.
    • Click to add marker (and hence pick location).
    • Hold and drag marker to adjust location.
    • Auto-centering on a moving marker.
  • Navigator:
    • Navigate to coordinates.
    • Navigate to an address.
    • Opens navigation route in Google Maps.
    • Route is opened in a browser if Google maps is not installed on the device.


The Navigator works even if Google Maps is not installed on the device, but the Picker will cause a runtime error on Init if the app is not installed. The Navigator and Picker are independent, so you can choose to remove the Picker if you want to prevent errors at all costs.

Download Links:



The template is offered with no strings attached. However, I would love to know of apps that utilize it (like David’s app :smiley:). A mention in your app’s About or Acknowledgements would be appreciated.

Do report bugs and all that. :joy:

Happy Koding!


Great work. Can you maybe add some screenshots to your post?


Linked to my post :sunglasses:


Added screenshots just as @Peter suggested.


@msr79526 here you go. This is what you asked me.

Thanks man.that will be help me to create my app better


Glad to hear that!


Can we add admob unit?

Why not just try yourself. This is a resource and not a full app.

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Why? I mean why you want to make money with other people work? Just invest your time, experience all the difficulties that the original developer suffered, enjoy the happiness of your own developed product and then add those least important Ads in your work to make money.

What do you get in adding ads in other people work? Just for some easy cash? I don’t understand this.

Instead just think that you have learnt something new and that also because the original developer shared his work. Remember when ever anyone here share something for free, he/she is also sharing his/her’s precious time consumed working on that work. So just respect it.

And btw great work @Kanishka_Developer. This will prove useful for many other user in their projects. Thanks for sharing your time and work


It works well! Even for me that I don’t have Google Maps installed :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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He want to said that if google map install then it will be redirect you to google map app


Thanks alot iam searching for this since 2 months

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how do I do this with the normal map

this also helps for navigation between two different locations…


I haven’t managed to make a picker in the normal Map component, but if I ever get to it, this will be the place to look. :smile:

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Good afternoon! And how to do that to save the marker, otherwise if you click on the map again, the last point will disappear

This modified version should work in theory, but I cannot test it because I have no Google Maps API key.

NavDemo_MultiMarker.aia (6.8 KB)

Basically just removed this part from the marker creation process, and moved it to a Screen1 menu entry:

blocks (11)