Manipur Go - Read news and Track events (beta)

Manipur Go - Read news and Track events (beta)


This app is all about reading/uploading local news, tracking events and more features coming. i made this specially for my state so you might not understand some of the text etc :slight_smile: also this app is in beta and might be unstable, kindly report bugs to help me deal with it.


App Store/Download link:

This app is available on playstore but some of the updates is not live yet so you can directly download and test the latest beta from here.

Edit: some of the updates are live at Play Store

Thanks to

@Kanishka_Developer for Nav System
Colin Tree for Custom Listview
@Shreyash for Phase
Deep Host for PhotoView & Title Scroll View
@pavi2410 for Time ago

and ofcourse @KodularCreator for this amazing platform


Hello @David

Below are some bugs that I found while a short use of your app.

As you can see above, the title bar is getting trimmed

You can improve the letter capitalization wherever needed in the dialogue

The sentence at the bottom gets trimmed. Also allow only date and time text in the date and time field. You can use date-time picker for this


In above screen record you can see that an unnecessary ‘0’ appears whenever I post any message.
Also I cannot simultaneously message the same text (In this an emoji)

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Hi, thank you so much for your valuable feedback.

Working on finding a solution.

Thanks, i’ll update it in next version.

yes, it is because some of the posts are so long in description which might be annoying to display in full so i added a “Read more” button in every post to see the full content.

Because you set your name as ‘0’. i’ll make it string only in next update :v:

Please don’t forget to report if you find any other bugs. i really appreciate it.

Sorry I had posted wrong screenshot in the 3rd point. I have changed it. Also I have edited the text below it. Do check it

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Also you can find some way to display the user name distinctively

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i’ll try this in next update, btw do you know i made a review system which is currently set to false, i’ll review every post and approve/decline it accordingly.

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Ok waiting for your next update!

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thanks for testing out @Hadi_Editz your post was published immediately because i set the review system to false rn for testing purpose :slight_smile: btw if you find any bugs than please feel free to report.

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Ya i also post image for testing.

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@Vaibhav please see if this fix the title bar issue MTW(4).apk (8.1 MB)

Well done :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Really nice app.
How you get that data

& say about pick location that was so good.i want to learn

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For storing post and event i use airtable, and for that i use location sensor+Reverse IP api and weather api.

That picking location and navigation stuff was made with the help from @Kanishka_Developer. He is awesome.

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Guys, Any problem with the loading speed? I’m just loading a single column from airtable but it takes time. Wondering if i should move to another database

The three dots are not showing any response on the right top of post.

Or you have assigned nothing to it

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You’re right i have assigned nothing for now but those will be options for like editing/reporting etc in future updates :sweat_smile:

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Btw the app looks very professional and the UI is very good.:+1:


Highly appreciateable work… Professional app… Really like this… Owsm work keep it up and take it to new hights​:heart:wish u all the best

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And also add… Like, comment and share buttons :+1:

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