How to create app like this? bookmark function

Guide me how to create app like this?

Show what you tried…? Pls elaborate. Just pictures are not enough.


Are you looking to hire someone to do this for you or you have tried something and stuck at some point that’s why looking for help.

So just a little bit more info will give you answer.

You can create such type of UI with dynamic arrangements but to get data like you are asking, you have to work with API’s

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Guys, thanks for your support. I dont know what needs to be done and how to start. That is why i need help. I will start from scratch, nothing has been done yet.

Screen1.ais (468 Bytes)
Please have a look at blocks, i dont know how to get content? i have created app. Data is coming via firebase (as per arrangement in blocks). Now how can i put data in app which includes title and description text?

Please try yourself, if you face any problems then we are here to solve it.

I suggest you to first learn basics of getting data by using online databases like firebase, airtable and using third party API’s.

Then you will get idea about how to start.

Also search on YouTube, there are many tutorial videos available on News App.

Use dynamic components extension

I have already watched, they were directly putting data from a url, without using firevase.
Cant i copy and paste data in admin panel, instead of getting links from here and there?

GUys, i have put data in firebase but it is not showing in app. Please tell me if anything is wrong with it.

Kindly note, i have also shared all blocks in one of previous post

Dear @Neeraj_Kumar,
Don’t take it negative. I know you are trying really hard to learn the things and i really appreciate you hard work and keen interest on knowing the things.

You have said you have shared all blocks in the previous post, but that’s a complete project file so if anyone wants to help you they need to import your given file and then try to see what is happening there.

A better advice, since you have narrowed down your problem that you have data in firebase but couldn’t see that in app so show us your blocks for the specific piece where you have firebase.getvalue where we pass our tag name.

FYI, before getting any tag value we need to set the project bucket, i hope you know that part already.

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Meghraj, there is nothing negative in your comment, so you were not supposed to mention it like that. You replied calmly and politely and whatever you have said is correct.

Now coming to point, i worked on it yesterday night, it wasnt working. I tried in morning, content was trying to come in app and i came to know same when app notification was showing about articles, however app is blank and shows following error

As the Error Says
When your are tying to Select Item from list there is a problem.
Check that Block Again.

I have taken aia file from pre build project, so how can block be wrong?

Whenever i click on blank area of the rectangular box, it does not open, it only opens when i click on text. How to resolve this issue.

How to make bookmarks work?

Please make a new topic + elaborate.

Wdym really? We can’t see your mind…

Why not ask the app creator from which you downloaded the aia file from :wink:, I have used that aia file and its doesn’t work

In the red color at right side bookmarks arw given, but they are not functional, how to make them work? See my last screenshot