How to create app like this? bookmark function

We can not solve by looking at the image, show the blocks

Because i dont find him here. I saw his video on youtube, he hardly replies

Blocka have already been given in aia file, please see above

Try to make your own app by your smart and hard work, there are many tutorials with might help you create the app. In the aia file, there will be a lot which you can’t understand but the app creator only may understand. Create your own app :+1: :+1:


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i am begging for help for last 5 days,but no-one is helping me. i have created 3 threads.
i did intense research, got some clue, help me to proceed further.
This is my app screenshot. On right hand side “extra button” of colin list view in red color is given. On its click i want to perform bookmark function. Today, the 6th day, i achieved this(see block). Guide me to proceed further.
i even dont know if blue portion selected by me is correct or not

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I now joined your new duplicate thread with your old thread…
Don’t you think, you do not get good answers, because your question is unclear and/or very vague?
The answers can only be as good as your question…
This might help to improve your question



I didn’t understand why you are creating multiple topics on same issue as already i have given you the working method of bookmark function.

If you spam on community for help, no one will help you.

One more time I am posting my solution here, take a look on it and make necessary changes according to your app.

First block is for viewing saved bookmarks.
And second for adding new bookmark.

I have used two floating buttons for these functions, in your case you have to use :

Second blocks on extra button clicked.

In place of “list view selection” set value which you want to save as bookmark. In your case, if you want to save list items on extra button clicked then use title or element index in place of “list View selection”

One more list view os required to show saved bookmarks in a list as you see in first block, i have used 2 list views.

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in place of list view 1. selection, i have used “Title” with textbox. is that ok?
with this setup, system is considering whole list as one item and whenever i click bookmark on other item of list, it says “Bookmark already saved”

You are storing “title” text as bookmark which is a string.

You have to use the value which you want to store as bookmark.

Tell me what do you want to store in bookmark? List item, or title or whole list?

I eant to store List item

Then store list item index/element index.

And when showing bookmarks load respective list item using this stored element index.

List blocks does not contain any such block

You are using colin tree list view, and it has get element index block when clicked on a list item.

i searched many times, unable to find such block.
could you please add hereGovt_Job.aia (639.3 KB)

@The_K_Studio Say something

I am busy right now in one of my project, when i get time i will check your aia, till if u can do something then try.

I believe this is the block @The_K_Studio is referring