Manipur Go - Read news and Track events (beta)

Comment and share feature is already in the app and working but like is not functioning yet since im not working on it :sweat_smile:

I’m tryin to make it support videos on the listview

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Okey after videos its gonna boom​:v:

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Hey @David I’ve got some errors

Title bar
Screen responsiveness
Storage allocation (ram use)
Loading speed
Few things remaining to be fixed otherwise the app is great :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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@Souvik_Bera @Boban @Taifun can you help me with this please?

@OfficialDjJohn when that runtime error happens?

For loading, I’m just loading a single column. I need to change my database to firebase or something

Others will be fixed in next version :heart:

Its Out Of Memory Exception, happening because you are loading too many images from the storage. Try to use CreateOnlineImage block to avoid the error, As I suggested you before.

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All the images in listview is loaded online or using the CreateOnlineImage block (including icons)

Any images aren’t being loaded from storage or assets ?

For the listview, none from assets i guess.

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Basically Recycler views are used for making lists for android.The extension more like a dynamic component than listview. Its hard to implement recycler view with custom design in AI extensions. So loading too many images will cause this issue.


there is no such error in many devices i tested.

It depends on the device, how much memory is allocated.

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First of all Congrats for your app, good design, appreciated, i really like that, i know its very hard to work with custom listviews and designs, and best of luck with these errors, i hope you will get rid of them soon, best of luck for that,


When I’m trying to post news, my news is long and I can’t scroll to see my full news

You have to scroll up with cursor.

I see when my keyboard is on scroll not visible

One other error

I’ll fix that in next version. Btw which device you’re using?

I’m using Mi y2

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Thank you for your feedback. I’ll fix the bugs in next update.

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Nice app! May be you can change the bottom navigation bar color? It’s white and the buttons can’t be seen:

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