Tiger Lite : Fastest browser ever v:0.5 beta

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Tiger Lite : Fastest browser ever v:0.5 beta

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its normal browser with very very less features to save ram and storage. This browser comes with single tab experience
also i has technology of clear cache every 60 seconds

this report is on using tiger lite for 2-3 hours
the splash screen take less than 1 second.


this version is beta and not the release

App Store/Download link:

Tiger lite beta.apk (9.6 MB)

did you downloaded this app
i will release if 80% or more vote are yes

Please help me to make it more lite.

If the post reach 2k views and 1.5 votes on my poll till release of v1.0 i will release aia of this apk also.


Browsing is good enough. But why it asks location permission even for homepage?

I tried to download MP3 from masstamikan but your app didn’t ask any storage permission and no download starts. Suddenly ad appers do know whether it is site ad or app ad(full page ad)

After closing the ad, instead of returning previous page it goes to he page. Correct it


First of all , thanks for using our app
We will try to improve these bugs as soon as possible


For @Still-learning


What is the benefit of this ? Cache is important for app to load preloaded content or pre saved content it helps to load the things faster. How it helps the browsing experience?

WOW :upside_down_face:

As per me this cannot be termed as a Browser. You have just kept a simple webview which loads Google search page whenever anyone opens your app. But I may be wrong and you could have a different thoughts for this.
Below are the two screenshots to show what I meant

As shown in above screenshot you just append http:// to whatever user enters in search field.
So when I only type Twitter, it shows me error as above. User has to type twitter.com to actually go to Twitter. Below screenshot shows that

Apart from this below are some bugs you can look at

  1. If i don’t have network connection, your app simply doesn’t opens. This is not correct user experience as per me. There should be a homepage in your “Browser” app which alerts/tells the user about no connectivity. Similar to what Chrome does.
    Screen-recording for this behaviour of your app :point_down:

  1. When your app launches , it initialises the screen two times as shown below. Why so?

  1. In the search how should I know where I am typing? Where is the cursor? :point_down:

  1. The text in search field is center aligned. This doesn’t looks good according to me :point_down:


Nice app good enough