Screen with four banner ads not loading them

Please I created a family App that shows one location coordinates. It shows your location and directs you to your destination. I added four Ads to it, when I test it with Companion, its working perfectly but after my installation, the app changed. Not even the map is working again

I need help urgently guys

Well, should we guess everything? Pls tell us everything… Also, do you think an app where four ads are placed one-after-another at one time? You could rethink your advertisement.


Btw, welcome to our community! :kodular: :handshake: @Obed_Jaydon (Let’s hope :sweat_smile:)

And you’re wondering why it has problems?!

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Please change your title to something useful.


But @Obed_Jaydon do you have an idea that kodular hates an earning app?

Maybe, but he has FOUR banner ads visible on the screen. Which is against the ToS!
@Obed_Jaydon see this:

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So… This?

My reaction after reading the title (“Screen with four banner ads not loading them”):