Navigate between records recorded in firebase

How can I navigate between records on Kodular? For example, when saving the data in the Bank, instead of using the listviewer, I would put four buttons: First Record, Previous Record, Next Record and Last Record. In this the textbox values ​​would change with each action. Chosen record could edit. Does anyone know how to do this?

Navigating this way is not the best option in a Relational database.

This navigation mode worked at the beginning of development where the databases were local or not very shared.

Even at the beginning, I used a temporary table locally, showed all ps records in a grid and used search locally. But that was only in certain situations.

It mean logical factor only you need to use.

  1. When user hits last or first record, get all data from fb to a variable and show according to the button hit. I mean, count the record , if user hits first record show index of 1 value, if hits last record , show index of length of the record, if he hits previous, show index of length of the record -1, same way for next record with +1 but you must use logically factor if length of the record value is not equal to 0 (for previous click) and length of the record = length of the record for next button click

Expecting something like this?

Yes, do you have any sample code?

Thank you for your guidance and interest in guiding me and helping. I’ll give it as a solution because my question was answered.

found yourself?? Thats great… Glad to see


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