Navigation component (Openroute) - error Failed resolution

Greetings friends, first of all I want to thank you for always being a great help.

Excuse me, my English is not my native language.

The problem is when drawing a route, with the Navigation component, when I am emulating via usb everything works perfectly.

But … When I use the apk on my cell phone, these errors arise and I don’t know why?

Among the tests I did, remove the blocks (start latitude and longitude) and also (end latitude and longitude)

Then export the apk and put the marks effectively but obviously I couldn’t trace the path.


I appreciate any help you can give me.

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i think you might need to share your all blocks or aia because the blocks you are showing tells nothing

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Yeah please share your blocks or ais

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This is where I think the problem is, I repeat when I remove the start latitude and strart longitude blocks, the error message no longer appears but of course the component does not work.

I have the same error, in companion all works perfectly but with the apk this errors appear. any help?

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Hey I found a solution, just add the component maps to your project and it works. I dont know why but it works .You can set visible to false this component and use the google maps.


Thanks for your answer, let me see if I understand you.
Do you mean to place component maps and place it not visible?
and that makes google maps visible?

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Do you mean to place component maps and place it not visible? YES

Then you can add component google maps and use it

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