Navigation component (openrouteservice) not working in compiled app?

Hope someone can help me, I am having a play with the Navigation component in Kodular, and at the moment have hard coded a couple of long/lats in for it to try and give me a “duration of travel” when using the Companion app and testing, this is working without any issues and “Text for label 1” updates to the expected duration -

But when I export as an APK, and run the app natively on my Google Pixel 7Pro I get the following error when I click the button to “get the duration from the hardcoded points” -

Hope someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong…


Just to update/confirm, following the advice here (“Solution : Add Map (Not Google Maps) component hide it if you don’t wanna use. build app”) it is now working when compiled.

Are you using extension for location ?

No, just using the built in Google Maps and Navigation/Location options in Kodular