Need a Kodular Developer With Very Good Skills (1000/1500 USD) [Paid Project]

Hello developpers !

we are a company based in France and we are looking for an advanced Kodular developer.

we want to develop an app using NFC sensor to read NFC tags.

we are a human security company and our employees need to be tracked using multiple NFC tags when they make a security rounf ( a GPS tracking will be also needed)

a login using NFC tags will be used also .

all these informations will be sotred in mysql database and synchronised with a local TinyDB

the developper will also develop an admin panel for us to manage all this.

if you need mor information about the app please contact me

we can discuss the price and the delivery time

thank you
(sorry for my bad English)

Welcome. Could you please change your title from allcaps to normal characters. Allcaps is like shouting and we don’t shout here.

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If you are willing to spent so much money then why not hire professional android developers :thinking:


Because then he would have to pay about ten times as much.


Give more information please and also and contact information please

Personal information is not allowed in community.Just PM him if you have any query.


If I am right then pm means personal message?
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Why don’t he just gives his business email or business phone number instead of personal information?

Here it is:

If I am not wrong then tl0 users can’t pm anyone.

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I cannot see it
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Then ask @Isaac to pm you.

This image is fake!
Your phone have 0 percent battery then how is it turned on?

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2.I am a magician :sunglasses:


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I messaged him
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I don’t know :man_shrugging:
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Ok,thank you

Because it’s on a blacklist. Open a new topic if you want more info

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