Why are some words on blacklist?

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Why are words like SlR, BR0, etc. banned?

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Short answer: overuse.

It gets annoying quickly; on the internet it’s better to not use such additional words. For example, I’m just Kanishka; not Kanishka S1r, and absolutely not anyone’s br0ther. :slight_smile:


@Kanishka_Developer is right. This is the stance of the moderators of the community and I’ve marked his post as solution to reflect the same.


Correct answer has been already given by Kanishka.
I agree with him.And best reason to blacklist those words is their overuse and misuse.
Some people start conversation with hi s1r! or hi br0!
This has both positive and negative effect on the other side.Some people find it respectful while most find it rude.

I have no idea about others but Indians hate the word b_r_o if it is being used by a stranger (everyone knows why :grin: )


Yeah it would be good anyway if I could write that my little br0ther (3) made the voices for my app.

What does S1R mean? I do not understand that.

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Did not recognize that, my Lord.

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Yeah, kinda hard bc of the “1”. we could write an “l” instead of “i”, would be better?

SlR Written with an “l” (L)

Please no. :joy:

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