Need A Payment Gateway (Bkash)

Hello Koders,

currently I want to developed an app for my own country Bangladesh. I want to add a payment gateway.
in my country 90% users do not have master card to pay for the app,

For day to day transaction, People use Bkash over here. What is bkash . Bkash is like paytm wallet

now can anyone help me to get this payment gateway??

I hope you can use it with the help of activity starter…

Where i can get bkash api
And how to do that???

I am not sure with your country… but you can see here for API

Do you need API for activity starter?,I am new to this… See here demo for paytm by activity starter and have a try like that…


You should contact with bKash developer team. They provide API after completing 6 steps of verification. For that, you need to create a merchant account and contact with for providing APIs.

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