Need advice for improving a POS (Point of Sale) app

Hello everyone! I need some help for creating this kinda complex app. It may need a long explanation, so it would be awsome if you can read it so i can get some feedback.
I’ve created a POS system for my food bussiness that consists in two apps, one for the cashier and another one for myself and my partners. The cashier one, lists all the products we sell, so the cashier can register an order (just for local use, not for online shop), and then me and anyone of my partners can see how sells are going by day, by month and by year. As we only sell 10 items which will be the same all the time, even the price, i created the app in non practical way for changes, so the blocks are pretty reduntant, and if i want some changes it could took me, so much time. The full system is working perfectly, but i want to recreate something similiar for another bussiness that could work more dynamicly and that is able to make changes with ease.

Here are some images of what i mean and how it works:

As i said, i’ve used bad practices in the blocks and the firebase database structure. That app works for its purpose, but i want to make something similar, with the possiblity of adding more products, and modify them in future.
I’ve tried to make this in another way, in a application with and Springboot rest and MongoDb database and Angular as a frontend. like this:

But im able just to list and make crud operations with products, but i can’t make the sales reports part.

I just gave up and i found this platform easier to work with, although i have a little coding base knowledge, i just cant figure out how to improve my blocks and my db structure here in Kodular.
This way of storing data didnt work

I use know this way to store my products in db

So, now i need advice in saving the sales information in order to make easily those daily,monthly and yearly reports, and also the charts.
Should i give up in kodular and try to code this app?
Should i keep using Kodular but just improve my blocks and my db structure?
Should i keep using Kodular but change my db, for i dont know a SQLdb using extensions?

Note: I use Firebase because of the Persist feature, so we can work online and offline.

Sorry for the long explanation, but i’ve lost hope haha. If someone knows the best way to achieve this, or has a similar project i’d be so thankful to read your suggestions I’ve been in this for months, and i don’t know how to continue.

PS: thank you if you’ve read everything, and sorry for the bad english.
Wish u all the best!

It is your choice.Both will work same.
The plus point of Kodular is that it works with blocks but Android Studio works by coding.But Kodular also uses Kawa(I am not sure) which runs on Java.

It will be great if you update your app and your knowledge.Using various things helps you to decide best for you.

If you are thinking to change Database then my suggestion will be MySQL.It works great and is easy to use and manage.If you want to use that then you will need:

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wow. this app is my next project. Amazing, but the only major features in the app i guess is the inventory features, followed by reports and many useful features

Thanks, i think the best choice for now is using a MySQL db. I’ll work on it.


This is a great app you made. A lot of hours wend into that i guess. :+1:


Thanks @Peter, yes it took a lot of time, sadly it just has only 10 static items, i have to change almost everything to have dynamic items. But i hope it doesn’t take too long.

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I hope you can see it is also the fun of learning. :+1:

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@mmnettime can you give the tutorial? really for sure i still learning with all of this kodular things.thanks