Need an PDF app for $30

(AjAtif) #1

I need a Pdf App.


  • Mutiview ( View 2 papers at once)
  • Night mode
  • Notification

(anuragtekam0) #2


Don’t put personal info on the forum. Use PM for that. I deleted all posts containing personal numbers. I also think @cashviews_info should tell more about him self. I am reluctant to keep the topics he is posting where he offers cash for apps. He is just a short while on the forum although he has another account. Maybe he can tell why he could be trusted as a partner.

(AjAtif) #7

What informations should i give more?


Tell something about yourself. Show some other projects you paid for. Some references of users you worked with before.

(Pablo Almeida) #9

Which kind of notification?

(Uday Vissa) #10

I am a very experienced developer and would definitely develop this for you. This app can generate revenue on the Play Store using AdMob. I can integrate all of these features you requested and deliver this to you in maybe 48 hours. Email me for more: [email protected] or respond here.


(Robert Crum) #11

It’s easy. Taifun’s pdf extension:

(David Ningthoujam) #12

You don’t need to give your personal details here? there is a feature called pm in the community