Need Details About IRONSOURCE

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   I had a app, I'm going to publish that app in playstore but I'm confused with ad networks. I had no clue about IRONSOURCE. If there any one used this ad network, please reply the following questions.
  1. Whats the Average Fill rate
  2. Average CPM for Interstitial and Rewarded ads in India
  3. IRONSOURCE better than Tapjoy in Offerwall ?
  4. Your personal suggestions about IRONSOURCE.

Thanks in advance :hugs:

I think yes.

Suggesstiion: You may use mediation for earn more revenue.

Just in case you look for an aix

I need answers for all those above mentioned questions because I want to go through it in my app from now and then. So it’s important for me. Please give answers to all the above questions .

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Depends on number of ads requests you do

Must be from 1-2$, But higher for us and other european countries (4-5$+)

Perhaps we can no more compare, Ironsource acquired Tapjoy INC, and Tapjoy is now a product of Ironsource

Its nice, but not obviously for earning apps
(Ironsource only approves games, utility, tools, etc…etc… apps


Thank you for your valuable informations

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