Need esewa payment gateway extension

Hello developers…Anyone have / can make a payment gateway extension of esewa /khalti…

There is no any extension available yet. But I can help you with integration process. eSewa and Khalti is already tested successfully and working on IME Pay now.

I remember i had tried to create extension with esewa sdk about maybe 10 months ago but failed as sdk depends highly on resources files.

I think it can be achieved by integrating with a site and using webview to show it.

You may share the process here.

I have made PHP script and hosted on my server. It may require some changes on it. I will share the script here soon. Actually, Khalti has recently migrated to its new web SDK so, I am working on it too. I talked with them for the test credentials, but they have not responded yet. And also I am working on IME Pay gateway. It may take some time to complete all the work. If anyone is in hurry to implement Nepali Payment Gateway, you can message me. In near future I will share the same script publicly too.
Moreover, if anyone has test or live credentials of Khalti or IME Pay gateway, kindly share it with me. It will be very helpful for testing purpose.

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