[Need] Google Advertisement ID

I need the advertisement id from the Phone to identify the Device. We can’t get the Device ID anymore, so this would be a good way. If wanted, I would pay for the Extension, DM me please.

There was a Extension, but that got blocked by Kodular Fenix

I can create.

It’ll require additional permission (only added to manifest) and can be changed by the user as well.
I can give you something better which remains same for lifetime.

Here u go!

com.thekstudio.DeviceUtils.aix (4.2 KB)


Hope i think you don’t know the difference between Device ID and Advertising ID

I know. As advertising ID can be changed, better you use Device ID. It will be unique for each device and can’t be changed. And also this doesn’t require any permission.

I accept what you said.

But make sure to Read this topic correctly as they want Advertisement ID and not Device ID.

we can get the non changeable device ID with this free extension

Inbuilt Kodular Component Device ID changes from App to App and

with the above extension, it gives same Device ID for multiple apps on same device.

Just a suggestion based on my testing.

I use the Device ID for now, but got a GAID Extension from a Extension Developer. Thanks for the Help.

i too want the extension, let me know the price of the extension

It can be changed by user so why you want to use that. :thinking:

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