Need Help converting Googleform to apk

Hi Everyone,

I need help making an android application by converting Google Forms to apk, but it seems doesn’t work here, it is just force closed when i installed it, herewith I attach my aia file,

AdMedika_Assessment_Center(1).aia (4.2 KB)

please help correcting my blocks.

Crash is caused because of html


Try to use

still not work, i dont know how to user that extention

here is my new aia
AdMedika_Assessment_Center.aia (25.9 KB)

there is error notification


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what kind of block i should put in html ?

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thank you its works
but i try to make another project …that use more than one google form link
here is my aia
Sample_Test.aia (14.8 KB)
as you can see when i click the button Sample test 1 or 2 it is not responding

Use network component to check internet connectivity

Sample_Test_1.aia (13.9 KB)

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Thak you so much, may god repay you for your kindness

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If problem solved, please mark solution, in order to help others in community with same issue