Need help countdown timer for webview (quiz)

Hello Everyone,
I want to put countdowntimer for quiz that shown in goole form webview…
Sample_Test_1.aia (22.4 KB)

i got this extension
com.CountdownTimer.Sumit1334.aix - edited by Mod
from this forum : [FREE] V2 Updated Countdown Timer Extension - An Extension to perform countdown in app

but i didnt understand how to use it, is that any posibilities to put certain limit time (eq 15 munites),so countdown timer is running during the quiz, and when the time is over the web view will be automaticly closed.

Multiple timers extensions are there… once quiz started set final time in millis in a variable, then every second just subtract 1000 from the millis and show the millis in second and min using another extension or same…

Also you can check this too, if possible.

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Only the developer can upload an extension, posting link to developer’s topic is enough

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If possible, add like this is. I just added sample using system clock

On button clicked timer will start in decreasing manner

Meanwhile user hits same button it throws this error

Needed code for this

Once timer started set the button enabled to flase and in extension there will be another block called On finished. By using index method(to guess which test started) just use web viewer visible to false and button enabled to true

If possible just try

(PS : in the milliduration just add 15min values interns of millis… which mean 900000)

i have try to put some block as you suggested, but it seems doesnt work…

here is my aia
Sample_Test_1.aia (144.9 KB)

my purpose is when the button test clicked the timer will show and start in decreasing manner, and when the time is over the webview will be closed with notification

PS : login username : admedika password:1232022

I don’t think so…

Test this, I just reopen the screen once the timer over
See the video, (runs in 2x speed to avoid mb)

Set timer value to 10sec

Sample_Test_2.aia (34.2 KB)

Did you like this expect?

Many thanks, how if Test 1 maximum time limit 2 minute until the time ended &Test 1 maximum time limit 3 minute until the time ended (with different condition, is it possible?)

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done s3nior

Why not? It is quite possible… in the start procedure, in the place of millli just set procedure variable block, so you can change the milli depending upon your needs in the tests

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how?, sorry i dont get it

See , different questions have different interval

Got the point??

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from where this block come from ? can i get aia
and is it possible if the time is timeout then google form autosubmitted ?

Sample_Test_2 (2).aia (34.3 KB)

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Many thanks it is work, but i still got one problem, is it possible if the time is timeout then google form autosubmitted ?

You can use js code for this.

can do it like that
Uploading: Screenrecorder-2022-06-30-13-25-50-249.mp4…

blocks (1)

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i have use this script but cannot automatic submit, maybe can you give me any suggestion

upper scripted edit.txt (1.8 KB)

Yes you can use.

its not work anymore when converted into apk, when i open it, it just force closed, what is wrong with this ?