Need help - Example simple tutorial for listpicker usage

I apologize in advance if this has been asked in the past. I am a beginner user of Kodular and would appreciate basic how-to here.

As a “Hello Word” example, I tried create a simple “Guess an image” quiz that shows an image, three answers, and I would like the user to select one of the answers to display.

Using the “Designer” option available in Kodular Creator, I am able to easily show an image and use Listpicker to display three answer options - I used “Elements from String” formfield.

I am now stuck on next steps. How to infer a selection, and take actions accordingly. Seems like I need to go the Blocks section and then do the needful - looks similar to Scratch. I googled for a Kodular example for Listpicker, did not find something that is intuitive. A simple example source code or snippet will help here if any of the experts here can share. Thanks in advance.


Components have properties, methods and events.

Intuitively, let’s imagine:

  • this Component returns a value. (Yes)
  • because it is a Component that returns a value after a choice, there must be an event that shows us the chosen value.
  • I can only take this value, of course :thumbsup:, after it is selected or chosen.
  • searching the Kodular( about List Picker ) documentation I find this:

  • I notice that the event has a suggestive name and has a return.
  • I will test it ( Yes )
  • if it works, I will use the If blocks to compare this return (selection) and execute routines.

Thank you for your quick inputs. Will try out to proceed further.

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