Need help for push notification setup

I’m trying to add push notifications for my app.I added push notification component,add app to one signal,create project at firebase and set server id and sender id. when I try to send message, it shows only send to test device option. and I’m trying to active google analytics for firebase but its remain inactive. Someone please tell me whats wrong here,tired about this.

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I followed every step as the tutorial shown. But when I try to send push nessage I see only two option where the tutorial shown three.No send to everyone option.

You do not find that option due to the simple fact that OneSignal changed its interface or it is so that you only send notifications to users who agree to receive them, but you can do this …

Just select “Send to Particular Segments” and select all segments

If I try for send to test device I get this message:
‘Something went wrong while we were verifying your message.Please try again.’

and ‘who agree to recieve them’ - what does it means? there is no option in my app asking permission to show notification,is there something I have to do about it?

I tried that way alredy,problem is its showing only ‘send to test device’

Have you enabled the subscription of notifications through the blocks?

This is what I am talking about when I say users who agree to receive them …

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