Need help for recyclerlist data from mySQL

Hello to all. I would like to ask some help regarding RecyclerList and Data from mySQL. I have 3 records in my database with columns, product_id, name, price, description, image. i was able to successfully get all the data but im having trouble with binding(im not sure of the term) them in recyclerlist. It can show 3 card view, but It will only show the 3rd record for the 3 of them. I have tried it with 2 records, and only the 2nd record will show on the 2 cardview. It should be, 1st cardview is for the 1st record, 2nd cardview is for the 2nd record, and so on. Here is my blocks and i hope you can spare some of your precious time. thank you.

thank you for this. ive seen this already and the other complete guides. however this is for the dynamic components. in dynamic components, i could post the part of the my code with for each loop set to dynamic components inside the web got text.

my problem is, where to put that for each loop with recyclerlist or my blocks are misplaced?

oh, i got it now. i dont need those for each loop anymore because the onbind is already looping by positions. sorry if i posted such silly questions. here is the solution

It’s already the second post you’ve made, you get help/answers and you reply that you’ve already tested what they showed you and ,right after that, you show that you solved it yourself. I think you need to test more times and better analyze your problem before posting.