Need Help for RunTime Error

I created a Quiz consisting of 25 questions.
After answering all the questions this error appears.

“Select list item: Attempt to get item number 26 of a list of length 25 …”

How can I fix it?
Thanks very much

Most probably you have to check the lenght of questions and use an if … then statement. Post a screenshot of your blocks. How do you set next question in quiz ?

Try when button click if get global index < 25 then set global index to get global index + 1 and move all blocks under that statement … else open another screen

It didn’t work even changing the sign to < and >

This error comes when you press Next button? Post a screenshot of the changes you made

I’ll send you the project ??

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If you wish

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Simple change when next button click like this

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Great Congratulations!!!
It works correctly now.
Thank you

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If problem solved don’t forget to mark solution :white_check_mark: in order to help others.

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Thanks for watching. I don’t know the rules. Excuse me.

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