Need help from Extension developer

Hey Koders and Developers,
First of all thank you very much to kodular and all of the guys who supported me…
i have created this topic to get help from extension developer…
i want to tell that some day before i have created tag view layout method by using different extension and today’s morning i got notification that deephost created extension on that which just demotivates me… because i created something new and now used by someone else…

these days i’m also developing extension but i’m very beginner…
so i need help and support from extension developer… as i am working on many new method so if i create extension then from next time no one can use my method…

if someone is interested to help me then please inform me so that i can ask him/her personally because creating topic every time for every error will not be good…

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don’t be demotivated. :heart:
You are awesome, don’t let anyone take you down! be yourself and stay safe! happy koding/extension developing :smiley:

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not demotivated too much but felt sad…
but from next time i’ll create extension… so that no one can use my method or logic

Hi @nikzdreamer2001

First of all thank you for your contributions to this community.
If I remember correctly then you created a topic regarding tag view layout method (although it can not be called layout as it was made using HVArrangement which extends Frame Layout) and your topic was categorized in #guides topic as an open source project (because I think that if you had created topic in this category then no matters you gave AIA or not , your project will become open source).
Now everyone is eligible to use your project and idea (but it is necessary to give you credit if someone uses that).
So if you want to stop someone from using your idea then post it with a license.
Java and Blockly are quite different things.One major point is that blockly is dependent on java but java is not dependent on blockly.
At last I would like to say that you can’t stop anyone from using idea unless you bind it with a license.
And congratulations for entering in extension development world :clap::partying_face:


You made guide: great
He made extension: a bit wrong(Why?) but it is acceptable.
And you shouldn’t get demotivated.


yes i know that someone created extension with my method is acceptable but not without credit :pleading_face:

and i can’t force anyone… its okay he created…
but i want to make myself ready to make own extension on own methods…

Thank you so much… :heart:

Can you share a link to the extension? I can’t find it.

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I think you will have to download his app to download or view ‘his’ extensions.

You can find it in his app…

We don’t allow questions about Deephost extensions since he doesn’t support his extensions. This topic is going offtopic with questions about Deephost his extensions.


I Just Answered the Question. 🤷

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First of all, thank you for your contribution to the community, but what you have created is not new either, so it may just be a coincidence that Deephost and you released your stuff at the same time

You can find so much by simply googling Android tags - there are about 1000 solutions to this
e.g The Android Arsenal - Tags - Android-Cloud-TagView-Plus

I really appreciate you work and maybe will use it in my next Project, keep creating :+1:


Ooo if he did it and use your idea then its not fair
And don’t be disappointed
No one can stop, hide and steal your talent
It has to enlighten everything so don’t lose hope
:heart: Everything is gonna be fine

U can use license with your ideas and projects as suggested by

I used Deephost tagview extension.when i click on tag app was gonna force now i will use your your works will help me to create tag view instead of Deephost extension

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thank you so much @msr79526
i know may be my work is little bit complex but its totally efficient…