Need help get Date after add 7 day ...need code like that

need help after select Date i want get three date in Label 1 and label and Label
and geting remain day for date 1 and date and date 3. i have source project please one make for me …for testing add 5 day for each date
myApp.aia (1.4 KB)

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Would you Like to take Few more Minutes and Explain what you Want a Little more Clearly and Briefly.


yes thanks … when i select in date picker the Day for example …automatically i want get date in label date 1 +5Day.
label date 2 + 10 Day
label date 3 + 15 Day

i want become like this in photo … but automaically working by coding …

With Clock component you can do that.
Read documentation

im not developer u can help me

Use Clock Component.

( Available Under Palette/SideBar > Sensor > Clock )

Use “AddDays” Method of Clock. ( You Will Find it at the Very Begning )


in quantity Put the Number of Days You Want to Add.

in instant You Need to Provide the Date in Which You Want to Add Days.


To Provide Date Another Method “MakeInstant” will be Used.


in from Put the Date Value, in text (1) or text (4) Format.

*in Your Case Value From Date Picker.

Now we Need To Format Our Date ( Necessary ) Using Method “FormatDate”


in pattern Use any Format According to Your Need.

Example -


text (1)

text (2)

in instant You Need to Place the Whole “AddDays” Block.

Complete Blocks Will Look Like This -

Getting Output on a Label -

Output - 14/07/2020

  • in “MakeInstant” Method (in ‘from’ ) You Will Use The Date Got From DatePicker


Hope You Understand.


hmm…so what are you doing here? :thinking:


yes my friend vKnow360 im a new User registered …i think any Developer startd from 0…?

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Thanks for your Replay i will try testing …thanks a lot ADDYLIN

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Date1 - Date Picker.

Date2 -
Need help get Date after add 7 day ...need code like that

Date3 ( Remaining Time ) = Date2 - Today’s Date

Date2 Format - text (1)

Getting Output On Label -

blocks (2)

ok my friend

not working properly, if change date then get wrong date…

Can you share the Total Blocks.