Need help in blocks setup.?

In this video the person show, how we can open another screen with start value.
But he didn’t tell how to get back when back pressed. Can anyone help me how to go back with this value…

Watch the video here.

There is an option close screen with value, use that

I don’t understand that you want to do.
If you need to back screen only set on block.
When Back Pressed > Open Another Screen (Screen name) and Close screen.

Check the example. If you come from Screen1 (or other screen) when back is pressed go to screen1 and close the screen2.


He wants to close screen with value, as he opened with value

Use These Blocks



this blocks are not working.
please watch the video first you will get the idea what i am trying to do


i am using this block for back press but instead of that the screen2 get direct open.
and i am not able to go to AHSEC page it directly send me to the Screen2 need help?
i didn’t know what i am doing wrong

Dont open another topic with a related question. Double posting is not allowed.

these blocks work only, if you use the manager screen solution. It will not work with the Tribblehunter solution.


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