Need Help in developing app for my video downloader website

Hello Peeps!
Here what i need to build app for have a look first, .
it is a video downloader website and now i want to make an app from this website. I want my app to open this website in external browser every time user open the screen (screen name app) and i did tried some thing like this and clean cache after app closes.

Please Help Me out!

That’s not a correct way i think you have to set activity starter in screen.initialize

Activity Starter Guide

Set ActivityStarter.Action to android.intent.action.VIEW

Set ActivityStarter.Url to

And in screen.initialize put start activity block

What is the use of app then you simply redirects user to browser.


Possibly to earn money.

I think he is trying to use the app to increase his visit in his website. So yeah…

actually i have been trying to download videos through the app but due to javascript running in background of site is not allowing it to download videos from web viewer.
if you could help to make it possible to download video files the site fetch through web view it will be a pleasure for me.

Try it by using web component.

Set allow js to true