Need help in fontawesome

I am trying to set fontawesome in dynamically created label . Its not working.


If i am not wrong, here:

Instead of putting the name Font Awesome 5 (Brands) you need to put the code.


I want his type of result

I am using dynamic component and my result is this.

My blocks are :

I merged your two topics since the are about the same kind of question for the same app. Please don’t double post.


No reply? :neutral_face:

What you are expecting @new_code ? You have marked solution for the above query but still your problem persists?

I am not getting the expected result.
my result is blank. not showing font awesome icons.

I want like this

No reply …please anybody can help.

And in the banner , first you check whether you are getting text or not. ? And material icon font how can you change?

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