Need help in If Else Statements

I am trying to pass a start value to another screen.
But the if-else blocks doesn’t seem to work.

Please see the screenshots

Help me!

Please tell me why are you using the equal block from the maths category for comparing strings?
Try using this:


Also, your comparing doesn’t make any sense. Why don’t just set the Spreadsheet1.Table name to get start value?

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Do this. Its the Solution. It should work.

Just thought about this more. There are several errors in his code. The reason why my suggestions wouldn’t work is because the get component block doesn’t return the name in the designer, but something like [email protected]+rfurgdgButton1, not too sure, but I think you will need to check each CardView click separately.

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What kind of block is the component variable? Can’t see it in your blocks.It depends of what kind of block the variable is.

In his first image.
Try connecting to the companion and pressing do it on a label block for example (image), you will see that:

Also, off-topic, I don’t know if it’s just me but my companion just doesn’t work. When entering the code and pressing the send button nothing happens.

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Also Off-topic: My companion is in my hands and works properly, just my app has many bugs to fix. :innocent: :rofl:

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In this case wouldn’t be the best method to replace the math equality blocks with logic equality blocks and look if it works?

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No, actually it wouldn’t. I think this might be the appropriate solution:

add other startvalues to startvalues list and other cardviews to cardviews list, order DOES matter
Screen2 (in his case Listview):


Yes, this is the DRY code version. Sorry I am pretty new to Kodular and before, I coded in AI2 and I have to learn a lot until I can understand everything.
:books: :books: :books:


No worries, welcome! Nice to have you here :smiley:


I even tried the logic block, but it didn’t help

Thank you so much, this method works :blush:

You don’t need the local one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can you please tell it in simple words, or can you share the blocks.
I am very new to kodular :sweat_smile:

Hmmm. :thinking: and what’s this:

very strange.

Yosh :crazy_face:


thank you, it works :smiley:

Don’t expose me, I’m trying to show off since I finally learnt how to use it :shushing_face: :joy:


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