Need help in implementing API

Good Morning Everyone

I need some help in implementing this API in kodular app can anyone help me to do it

I have not tried anything yet need help how to start and where to start with

There are a lot of api guides on this community and online. See what you can come with and show your blocks if it doesn’t work.

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Just no able to understand how to use this to create conference call in a webviewer using the API

Can anyone able to guide me

It works like this:
1-The API gives you feedback.
—1.1- Usually You will need to have a private API key.
2- You need to understand GET and POST.
3- You need to understand the Json.
3.1- You need study Json that is returned.
4-Generally the site gives examples made in different programming languages.
4.1- You need to study and understand these examples in order to know how to work.
5- Define how you will use Kodular blocks to work with the API return.


But it’s not providing any API key

I said, generally. If they don’t, you don’t need the key