Need help in making an paytm like app

I am making an bill payment app with wallet to wallet money transfer, bank money transfer. I need help in some screens. I will not able to pay u but I can give u profit according to ur demand that I earn from the app. Please anybody will help me?

If You Will Make Like This App in App Builder You Need to Be an registered Company in GOVT

Also You Cannot Make Like This App in Kodular or Any Ai2 Distros

Helpful in case of India

No worry I will take partnership with hdfc or icici

Read this

Also why they would take a single developer with just block code knowledge They would take bigger companies like TCS ,Infosys ,Cognizant ,Wipro ,HCL ,Accenture etc Also in kodular we cannot make banking apps because kodular have less security Then There server would be hacked

Answer : impossible

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Obviously even his block code knowledge is lacking otherwise he wouldn’t ask for help.
Seriously, it is a bad idea to develop any serious business with kodular. Kodular is fun but i would never develop anything where security is a concern.


yes… :nerd_face:

it is impossible to create such an app in kodular, why? because

apps made with kodular can be hacked easily and in an app like paytm or phonepe, the security of users matters a lot. if you really want to start a company of your own then learn coding and you also need to do a lot of things other than this

Don’t ever try to do this on kodular if you are able to make such app and also you get partnership with bank or you register yourself with government then there will be a big security check. In which your app will be checked by Ethical Hacker and tester on different scales and it will definitely fail in that test . So make this type of app using android studios.

I have changed my mind I am making it on android studio

Nice @Team_GameX Wish you good luck and also mark my post as solution so that other’s can also know whats is solution :grin::sweat_smile: