Need Help In Making Quantity Option

Hi Respected Koders,

We Was Created A FoodDelivery App Using Yusufcihan Dynamic Extension

And I Need To Add Quantity Option On It I Really Dont Now Exact Method To Make But I Tried My Best

Blocks Below

The Problem Was When I Click On ( + ) Or ( - ) The Value Was Changing But In All Items Not Only In Particular Item

You Can See Image Below

Can Anyone Help Me…

Thank You… :slightly_smiling_face:

You can do like this when any arrangement is clicked then if The arrangement Contains label text burger then Decrease the quantity

Yes You Can Guess Like That

When Horizontal Arrangement Click Increasing Value

When Vertical Arrangement Click As Decreasing Value

I Just Place Images As Arrangement Background

But Probelm Is In Values Chnaging In all Items

Hope You Understand


show ur dynamic component blocks

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I Set Label Text As Get QauntityValue Global Variable

just wait some time

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u are not using particular id here so it shows the quantity to all label