Need help my project blocks didnt show

Dear All Today when itry to use kodular i found that my project blocks get empty as attach

For some reason your project got corrupted, what exactly did you do before this happened.

i have no idea when i try to handle another application i faced the same problem

This seems to be weird, try by logging out clear cache and cookies, reboot your web browser

It’s happening again I change the account in kodular and rebuild the new project so I think it’s bug what can I do I afraid all my projects get corrupt

Are you by any chance importing screens (ais)

i do it at once but when i found app not working i re design it again and faced the same problem

Strange, do you mind sharing your aia so we can see whats going on

sure i will do in right now

Dear All This the Attached File of aia
OtlobTaxi.aia (1.5 MB)
Kindly check and give me your opininon

The only thing I could find was this block and the component it self doesn’t exist.

aia file without that block OtlobTaxi.aia (1.5 MB)

It seems you have two accounts on the community. Only one is allowed. Which one should i delete.

the problem still happens when i try to extract the apk

First Of All Let me think you very much for great follow up on the community the reason for this 2 account’s was that I’m afraid of lose all my project since the problem which i faced because of that i was try to open the another account to handle the problem
for your question which account you wanna to delete it will be otlob but kindly wait until handling the current bug

I have no issue building it to apk


In Attached video i can explain the problem

Try your app without loading the images as some of them are big in both px and kb, if it works then just optimize your images, if not then something else is going on in your code…

I removed all Assets from my aia but still have a problem OtlobTaxi(1).aia (174.5 KB)

hello Boban
did you checked my issue